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,LIAM President Loh Guat Lan said the impact of this Covid-19 is huge and prolonged. As such, the industry needs to continue to safeguard the customers’ interest.

KUALA LUMPUR: All life insurance companies and family takaful operators have extended the three-month deferment premium/ contribution payment initiative for policy/certificate holders financially affected by the pandemic up to June 30.

The Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM) and the Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA) said in a statement on Friday during this period they will continue to provide insurance and takaful protection to the affected policy/certificate holders.

The protection includes those who are unable to earn an income to have a grace period of three months (or 90 days) to pay premium/ contribution due.

The extension is in response to the need of affected policy/certificate holders who may continue to face financial difficulties during this recovery phase of the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, policy/certificate holders are advised to check with their life insurers or takaful operators on their eligibility for this initiative.

LIAM President Loh Guat Lan (pic) said the impact of this Covid-19 is huge and prolonged. As such, the industry needs to continue to safeguard the customers’ interest.

“The intended outcome is to enable policy/certificate holders to maintain their insurance/takafulprotection coverage during this challenging period, ” she said.

“If the application by the policy/certificate holder is approved, the policy/certificate will remain in force during the deferment period.

“Once the deferment period ends, contractual provisions regarding premium/contribution payment will resume as usual. This deferral is a one-time exercise only although insurers or takaful operators can allow more liberal deferral at their discretion, ” Loh said.

The premium/contribution deferment option is applicable for annual, half-yearly, quarterly and monthly premium/ contribution modes of payment.

This flexibility may be provided by life insurers and family takaful operators through a no-lapse guarantee, an extension of grace period or any other means that maintain the policy/ certificate intact during the deferment period.

Additionally, life insurers and family takaful operators will also assist policyholders and takaful participants affected by Covid-19 to reinstate or preserve their life insurance and family takaful protection.

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